a summer workshop with frolic!

Flower class 2

I am excited to announce another Frolic! Flower Class. This class will be held as part of a super fun event taking place here in Portland, called Summer School. Summer School is a day of workshops at The Ace Hotel and includes a photography course by Lisa Warninger, a Photoshop class by Bri of Design Love Fest, a blogging/social media class by Joy of Oh Joy! and a packaging and paper class by Sally Shim and by Joke of Tokketok Press. It's a fun excuse to come visit Portland or plan a weekend getaway!


Check out the Summer School blog for a full schedule. You can sign up for the flower class right here.

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. AHHH it’s killing me how much I want to go! Any plans to head more north? Like Seattle or Vancouver? Please? 😉

    Just a Silhouette

  2. @Alice – I know, I’m trying to get them to go somewhere in Texas! Even if it isn’t Dallas, I could at least make -somewhere- in Texas 🙂

  3. Is there anyone else that wishes there were online video classes we could pay for to enjoy the classes too? Those bouquets are so gorgeous!

  4. Ack! Every time you host a workshop, I already have prior commitments! I hope you have a wonderful time! The event sounds amazing!! -Colleen

  5. you all are SO sweet! i wish we could come to different cities but at this time there are no plans for that. never, say never but i also really don’t like to be on camera. haha! so no plans for videos right now! thanks for your sweet comments!

  6. Seriously, it’s events like this that make me wish I was stateside. I’d simply love to come along to this – I know you’ll ace it!

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