a farmer’s market spring lunch

Spring lunch

The Beaverton Farmers Market asked Elizabeth and I to collaborate on a spring meal made with ingredients from their market. Liz and I hit the stalls early Saturday which was their opening day for the season. I picked up some $5 lilacs for the table and Liz concoted a delicious menu. Here are the details:

Homemade potato chips

Mini sandwiches made from ham , chive havarti cheese, and a quail egg on a baguette with pea vines.

Goat cheese, blue cheese, roasted asparagus and bacon on olive bread.

Salad of dandelion greens, pea vines, and watercress.

Homemade chips from Russet potatoes, olive oil, rosemary and sea salt.


Strawberry cake (recipe from May 2011 Saveur magazine).

Photos: Chelsea Fuss. Ingredients courtesy of Beaverton Farmers Market. Menu and recipes created by Elizabeth Fuss except where noted.


  1. I do love strawberry cake- and that looks amazing! The color! I think your lilacs were a great pic as well. Just lovely.

  2. Yum,looks delicious. Hooray for Farmer’s Market season in Portland. This year they are opening a market a block away from my NW located home. I am so excited!

  3. Oh man! Delish!
    I have been on the look out for quail eggs and now thanks for the recipe inspiration!


    BTW you were in the chicago tribune last month and I forgot to mention it!! I saved the clipping for you if you want me to scan and email I can.

  4. yum! chelsea, i just got done with dinner and now you’ve gone ahead and made me hungry again. but i cant wait to try this asap. as usual your site is filled it inspiration

  5. Each time a new *frolic* post comes my way, i wonder where you find such a delightful inspiration (wondering AT it, too ☺). Thanks for the Saveur link, i’ll peruse the site later. I guess you’d love french *Saveurs* magazine’s recipes and beautiful pics !

  6. Oh my gosh….your strawberry cake looks SO much better and prettier than the Saveur picture! I can’t wait to try the recipe.

  7. I haven’t stopped by here in while – oh, the pages are so full of inspiration, especially for spring! This post is gorgeous!

  8. OMG Delicious! Love this post! It looks so delicious and fresh, I am going to make that this weekend… thanks for sharing!


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