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I am a huge fan of Duluth Pack, an outdoor gear company from Minnesota. Their selection of backpacks and bags, from biking and canoeing bags to luggage, is just remarkable. I also love their utilitarian and classically designed gear. Take a look!

P.S. Check out this collaboration they did with YMC for more pretty bags. Oh and their super cool original sketches from the company archives.

Photos: Duluth Pack.


  1. i have one of their packs for schoolbooks. they’re so well made and durable, plus two straps are better for your back than one!

  2. appropriately, i see a lot of these around, and can attest to their durability. do you know about sketchbook bags? they are designed by a girl here in minneapolis, made from wool and leather. some have a similar style, with so much sophistication and lots of really finely crafted details.

  3. When I read this post I had one of those “how did I not know about this company” moments. I do a lot of hiking and am always on the lookout for gear that is functional and attractive. Thanks so much!

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