watercolour at the tate


Watercolour is an exhibition showing at The Tate in London until August. From curator Alison Smith:

Our show aims to reveal the extraordinary and varied, if uneven history of watercolour through the centuries. Historically, the practice of watercolour has often been seen as a means to an end – done for practical purposes, such as botanical illustration, topographical depiction or as designs. However, as it evolved, it became a medium in its own right, and watercolours were soon prized for their colours, fluidity and translucent qualities.

Sometimes I forget to go to museums. I love art. I want to see this!

Poster: The Tate Shop.


  1. I’ve seen the show, and you would ADORE it, Chelsea… I think you should start plotting a London trip, and I’ll give you my top tips. (I’m longing to see Portland, so maybe we should do a life swap!) Ha! x

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