martha stewart weddings spring 2011


I picked up the new Martha Stewart Weddings the other day and it's an exceptionally lovely issue! This was my favorite wedding. I love the "Midsummer Night's Dream" sort of quality it has without being over the top. I am really happy to see weddings getting elegant again but still maintainting some of that playfulness we've all come to love.

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My favorite details from Kimberly and Joncy's wedding: The flowers (some of the arrangements have butterflies and I like it!), A simple dessert table of sugared fruit, truffles and macarons, and flower girls with ribbon wands! The beautiful photography is by Brendon Stuart. 

I am a big believer in throwing festive, slightly indulgent parties (no need to get married to have such a celebration, right?). I think a midsummer party along these lines would be dreamy.

Photos: Jessica Antola for Martha Stewart Living. All other credits can be found right here.


  1. Such a good idea to be a proponent of “slightly indulgent” parties. Whether we’re the host or the guest, everyone looks back on them and feels treated to something special. Why do we make wedding our one big chance to share this love??

  2. we throw a swedish midsommar party every year! But it’s never been this formal. Maybe this year, now that we have this beautiful big back yard, we’ll get our game together and put up croquet and lawn bowling or something. Every year I add something; I was thinking it might be fun to make little flower crowns for the ladies and boutonnieres for all the gents this year!

  3. Who made that bouquet?

    My jaw actually dropped.

    Dying to know, it takes a little longer for the magazine to reach us in England.

    and there is the supplier credit link…


    Thank you for sharing.

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