happy weekend!


I am welcoming the weekend with open arms. What an exhausting week! Before I begin a giant project next week, I am hoping to soak up some time for organizing, resting and relaxing. Here's an outtake from a little shoot I had a few days ago. I practiced self control at the flower market which was difficult after sniffing blown open freesia blossoms, tuberose, and gardenia plants, gazing at an orange tree and imagining it for my kitchen, and going crazy for some oversized yellow chrysanthemums. I don't have shopping sprees for clothes but flowers and cheese get me almost every time! 

What are you all up to this weekend? Hope you have a lovely one!

Photo: Chelsea Fuss


  1. flowers and cheese! i agree. i need to investigate more good flower-shopping places in minneapolis–perhaps a little summer project is in order to find the best places and sellers. . . i’ve always wanted an excuse to have more flowers around and “project” is the label that seems to give me the most permission for buying things i want. ha!

  2. Have a wonderful weekend Chelsea – I hope you get some rest! And thanks for your comment earlier, I think you and I are both due for a real vacation sometime soon. 🙂

  3. stunning, just stunning. I’m waiting for the NYC flower markets to explode with spring. The Union Square green market has gorgeous selection, but probably not for another month or so. These are making me so giddy!

  4. I love this photo. And faced with that beautiful floral bounty you described, I doubt I would have been able to practice much self control. Freesias! Gardenias! I can almost pick up their sweet scent way over here in Missouri.

    As for cheese, when I’m on one of my infrequent Trader Joe’s stock up visits (200 miles away!), the checker *always* says something about all cheese I’m buying. 🙂

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