flower school: a wild daffodil bouquet


I gave you a preview of this project,"How to Make a Wild Daffodil Bouquet," a few weeks ago but wanted to let you know the full tutorial is up over at Project Wedding. Has spring arrived where you are or are you still dealing with winter?

Photos by Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding.


  1. It’s sunny here but still quite cold! I’m happy with that though!

    P.S. I bought some wild daffs at Columbia Road flower market on the weekend!

  2. daffodils are the sweetest yellow, I can’t wait to see them poking out all over the place. but your bouquet will suffice until then!

  3. oh my, this just makes my heart pitter patter. all of your stuff does, though, truthfully.

    we have a flower section in our magazine (The Violet, coming out next month!) and this issue is all about spring flowers. I’m afraid my floral, and photography skills are not nearly up to par after seeing how GLORIOUS this pic is!

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