a modern wildflower bouquet


I gave you a little preview of this article last week but you can see the whole tutorial for A Modern Wildflower Bouquet over at My Wedding.com now. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I have a fun, flowery announcement next week! Hope you all are having a good week. It's almost Friday! Hooray!

Photos: Chelsea Fuss for My Wedding.com.


  1. lovely as usual. also: i just want to chime in quickly to say thank you for posting such lovely, achievable projects. in only a few short weeks since our engagement, i have become so utterly overwhelmed by the costs and exorbitance of weddings featured on blogs that i’ve all but run crying to hide underneath the covers. yours are always lovely and reasonable. and generally great. thank you.

  2. this is so beautiful! I love how that bright yellow just jumps out from the background of more delicate colours.

    p.s. have you ever done Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement)? My mum recently told me she learnt how to do it and has a certificate in it. I think I should learn! I’m wondering though about other people’s experiences, it looks so fascinating.

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