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Erin over at Floret posted this video from The Guardian. It was made by Jyll Bradley, an artist who focuses a lot of her work on flower history and gardening. This stunningly beautiful video is about the dying tradition of flower farming in Cornwall and the now defunct train that used to carry the flowers to London. I am a big fan of portraits of people with flowers so her newest project, which you can see at the end of the video, became an instant favorite.

 Video: The Guardian via Constança + Floret.


  1. SImply fascinating story. Flower farming always makes me think of my grandma nonny, who still grows acres of flowers. She always brings a huge flower salad for thanksgiving dinner. beautiful and delicious!

    Also those portrait were wonderful!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this very moving video.

    It’s a beautiful film yet it’s also a very sad insight into how much the Cornish flower trade has changed. Has really provided some food for thought for me…

  3. I love this, Chelsea. Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s the first link to be added to Sunday’s Bright Links for next weekend because it captivated me from the start!

  4. I saw her exhibition at the exchange in cornwall which was wonderful and thought provoking, we are losing so many small industries in the UK

  5. i really enjoyed this video, but felt sad at the same time. i think the prices of flowers have actually gone down because we’re not buying them locally like so many things.

    i love fresh flowers, but price is a factor and sometimes they’re expensive at the farmer’s market. the little bouquet at whole foods for $10 is hard to resist, but at what cost? definitely thought-provoking and brings ‘fair trade’ when it comes to flowers more into the forefront of my mind.

  6. A beautiful and thoughtful video. It dose make one think about the process and importance of supporting local small farms and other business.
    Thank you.

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