happy friday!


I was lucky to be the recipient of many little acts of kindness this week. I was also prompted to start my year over again with my 33rd birthday. I'll take any excuse for a fresh start. So, Happy New Year! Oh, and more apartment updates next week. I am still painting away!

Just a few links:

If you are looking for a wedding dress, check out A Novel Romance, happening this weekend.

I love this project by Joke of Tokketok. Simplicity always wins.

My friend, Lisa had a bit of bad luck with her cameras. You can help her out if you feel so inclined.

Hope you all have a grand weekend!

Photos by Chelsea Fuss for an upcoming Project Wedding article.


  1. happy birthday, Chelsea! I was just reading about the Chinese year of the rabbit and it’s supposed to be a year to catch your breath, calm your nerves, and it’s supposed to be a year of magic and luck. Cheers to that!

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