1. this is so beautiful! i love this idea. so simple but makes a statement. i’m definitely filing this away in my brain so i can make good use of my pretty vintage saucers.

    great work as always, chelsea!

  2. I have a totally unrelated question… how are you taking old-school polaroids? I don’t have a working camera anymore, and all the new ones only do business card-sized photos! But you seem to have the way cooler older format. Help…? Thanks!

    PS — I am obsessed with your blog. I am currently reading back super far, and all the beautiful posts from the summer are making me miss sunshine! Thank you for all the awesome work!

  3. Hi Jules! Thanks for your nice comment. Most of the Polaroids that you see on the blog that are taken by me were taken with my 680 slr camera and 600 film. sadly you can’t get the film anymore. there are other films but they won’t have the same result.

  4. Two nights ago I fell asleep thinking about this project – I like concentrating on pretty things when I’m trying to go to sleep and flowers are usually on my mind.

    I love your style, Chelsea! You make the prettiest floral centrepieces.

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