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Tokk 12Tokk

Have you seen the new Tokketok online shop? Tokketok's spare but playful style style reminds me of something you'd see in Japan though it's based right here in Portland! Tokkektok is what a chicken says in Dutch and for the website, Joke, the owner, recorded her son pronouncing it! So cute, right? Go have a looksie at the site for some paper eye candy!

 Lisa Warninger shot the photography for the whole website and I had pleasure of styling the sets. A big thank you to Joke, the designer behind Tokketok! She has such exquisite taste that it made our job too easy. Check out her adorable blog and projects right here. More from the shoot here.

Photos copyright Lisa Warninger for Tokketok.


  1. thank you so so much chelsea! you and lisa are a dream to work with! you both knew exactly what i wanted and made it even better. you both blew me away! xoxo

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