homemade muslin books

I made these little muslin books for a DIY over at Project Wedding's blog. When I was putting this story together, I was thinking about how refreshing a minimalist wedding would be. I am always so inspired by the simplicity I see in Japanese style (their retail design, homes, craft books and magazines)and it would be fun to create an event in that vein. I love the simplicity of the white muslin and linen paired with the wood (รก la Muji!). The little books are sewn together with muslin,parchment and graph paper for favors but the concept could easily be applied to programs or invitations.

Photos: Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding.


  1. I love these little books, Chelsea! And I agree, it would be refreshing to see an entire wedding that was just as simple + sweet. So many weddings that I see online are completely over the top.

  2. These turned out smashingly Chelsea!

    I agree fully….a minimalist wedding would be fun. It’s so not my aesthetic, but I definitely appreciate minimalist design. I think it would be a nice break from the typical kitschy DIY seen in weddings….not that I don’t love it, but I think I might puke if I see another wedding with doilies and balloons and a candy bar. Nothing wrong with any of those things, it’s just sometimes you need a breath of fresh air….like a minimalist wedding :).

    End rant.

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