tessa kiros

Tessa kiros

I am a big fan of Tessa Kiros. She has such a lovely, romantic way of looking at food and the world around her. This new Greek cookbook of hers looks so great. As with all my other cookbooks, this one will be kept on hand and brought out when other people come round to cook for me! Ha! It will also be perfect for the Greece reunions with my travel buddies from summer '09! Oh how I miss 2009. Here's to more travel time in 2011, a year I can't wait to jump into!

Via the always wonderful Shannon Fricke.


  1. My dream holiday is to find a small Greek island, rent a moped and eat tahini, goat cheese, olives and pitas until I fall into the mediterranean sea. Someday this will all be mine.

  2. oh i bought this today – it was on sale at Target and I knew i just had to have it – a little gift from me to me! cant wait to try some of the recipes out…stunning photos too! all her books are beautiful!

  3. I love Tessa’s books as well. Flipped through this book last week and fell in love. She creates such amazing atmosphere (and always different) in her books. The book will be number one Christmas wish of mine this year:)

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