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Since it's Thanksgiving time, I'd love to tell you about Growing Gardens, my favorite non-profit here in Portland. Growing Gardens offers a long-term, creative solution to the hunger problem. For three years, they work with a low-income family. First, assisting with a raised bed (or balcony garden) installation, and then offering mentoring so the family can grow their own organic food. I think it's just the best idea. Not only does it offer a healthy eating solution, but the physical and mental benefits of gardening are life-changing. To donate or volunteer check out the Growing Gardens website.

What is your favorite non-profit/charity?

Photos: 1. Jane Roarty. 2. Bloom.


  1. love these photos. So perfect for Autumn. One of my favorite non-profits is World Vision. They also have a really great Gift Catalog where your donation can purchase an animal or medicine to give as gifts to those in need.

  2. I really like that you support a local non-profit, Chelsea! Until very recently, I was a child therapist/social worker with a focus on birth to age 5. Every early intervention program I worked for in this town died due to lack of funding. I’m for any cause that works on improving the lives of little ones who got way too rough a start. Thanks for bringing up the discussion!

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