favorite thing: honeysuckle dish soap


For years I've been devoted to the Mrs. Meyers Geranium Cleaners but I've officially transferred my affections to the Honeysuckle. It's not overwhelming, is clean but sweet and smells just like a real honeysuckle blossom. I am in love! I can't seem to find it online yet but I picked up mine here in Portland at New Seasons.


  1. I’m jealous! My husband wouldn’t let me get that one. He has his girly limits and puts his foot down about the weirdest things. Caldrea is where we can both be happy, but Meyer’s lavender passes too!

  2. Honeysuckle sounds lovely. I also usually use the geranium as the other scents are just a bit much for my sensitive nose. Mrs Meyers recently had a seasonal dish soap of Orange and some spice. It is truly divine.

  3. it was on sale here in Seattle at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago; I wondered if they were closing out that scent? I love Mrs. Meyers, so I snapped it up, but it was too girly for me. I’ve never had a perfumed honeysuckle; good to know that the scent was accurate (wow! must be a potent plant!). Nice soap, though – but I’ll probably stick to the basil (but I’m a gal with rosemary shampoo and cedar soap!).

  4. I have been using the geranium scent forever but I love, love, love honeysuckle. I will def have to check out all the stores and haunts where I buy Mrs. Meyers. Thanks for sharing!

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