1. Oh my goodness. Another blog crush just developed. This is too adorable! I love it. Especially her hair. Gorrrgeous.

    By the way Chelsea, I added some new items to my shop and thought you might like them (not for a blog feature, just as a friend sharing something with a friend :)). Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh my, you just made me speechless. I was looking at the jamie oliver video at first and when I scrolled down I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing this message standing here.

    Can’t thank you enough for your kind words !

  3. Lotte is amazing. I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat for her to open her shop in the new year! She’s been posting her beautiful doilies for months, but nothing for sale yet. I bet she’ll sell out of her stock within minutes. Eeep!

  4. when i was young my mother had a house plant collection that took over the house, scented geraniums were her favourite, then later in life my father who did not care for my mums house plants when they were married started his own collection when they divorced and now he lives in a jungle of sorts. i did not care for them much at young age, but my profession as interior and exterior landscape designer changed that and now i have a collection of begonias, succulents,oxalis and scented geraniums that i care for a potted geranium that a a eighty year old seamstress gave to me that her son said was over fifty years old.

    i love this new to me blog, it reminds me of old europe.

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