Elle decor sweden

I've been trying to reorganize my work space and also my house (which sadly, are one and the same) and I am craving white walls and less stuff. I've started tossing things and it feels good.

Photo found at Elle Decor Sweden. Originally via Decor8 and Me and Alice.


  1. My live space is my work space too. (It didn’t make sense to get a big place in Denmark.) Sometimes it’s great (everything is always close by) and other times a bit maddening (like you can’t get away from all those projects). Good luck with reorganizing. Decluttering is freeing! BEST! *a

  2. Amazing bedroom. I love when spaces look (or are styled) to feel softly lived in.

    The whole white wall thing – I hear ya. Up until we moved last Spring I wanted white walls because our previous apt. was full of art. After living with white walls for the last 6 mths, I’m ready for stuff on them. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true. Sometimes there is no escape from our love of stuff!

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