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Carl Larsson's artwork was one of the things that first sparked my interest in Sweden back when I was a teenager. I recently read that his wife was a big creative contributor to his paintings as well. She designed furniture and clothing and textiles. I want to add a little Carl + Karin Larsson style to my own home. I think a windowsill of geraniums is a good place to start.

Photos from here.


  1. I love Karl and Karin Larsson’s style. When we were growing up in Portugal, we had a Swedish friend who gave us some Karl Larsson prints and I just loved them and the homes and style. Now, living in Sweden I’ve even visited their home in Dalarna. There are lots of homy craft projects designed and made by Karin herself!It’s absolutely worth the visit! You really feel the life there and the creativity and you leave full of dreams and inspiration! Go there if you can!

  2. i love the carl and karin larsson style too (it comes naturally for us swedes;) very much a part of my childhood with reproductions of his paintings on the walls etc. i’ve been to their home in sundborn in the dalecarlia province twice and it’s really a gem. so so inspirational and quite fantastic that karin had such a great idea for details and created a home that’s so modern still. the fabrics, the colours, quirky details, architecture. swoonworthy.

  3. growing up in a Swedish-immigrant family Carl Larsson was well-loved and adored. I recall doing my big fourth grade artist project on him, then when I was older I went to see his home in Sweden! built on that most beautiful pond.

  4. Yes, Carl Larsson is wonderful and his style is a great study of Swedish antiques. The colours are wonderful and the motifs like ‘stories’ in their own right.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. My Norwegian grandparents lived in a little town outside of Stockholm for about 3 years and we got to go visit them. Scandinavia is just the most wonderful place in the world. It can’t help but inspire!

  6. I have Carl Larsson prints framed in my studio. I love looking at the details as well as the slice of life we are allowed to see.

  7. I’ve always loved Carl Larsson—there is something so comfortable and inviting about the rooms he paints. I can see how you might be inspired to love Swedish antiques.

  8. I just spent the last 20 minutes looking at Carl Larsson paintings…they are beautiful! I had never heard of him before. Thanks for the introduction. I just emailed a link to my mom, too — she’s part Swedish, and she’ll love this!

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