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Grace 2 Grace 1 

Old photos are high on my list of things that never cease to inspire. I get more excited looking through old photo albums than I do looking through a magazine. It doesn't seem like people get dressed up for studio portraits anymore but I do like the idea.These photos are of the lovely Grace

More old photos.


  1. I remember my parents take their photos on studios like this and they all got that 70’s chic going with the hair and clothes. It’s so nostalgic seeing these photos. =)

  2. I think you can look at an old photo and really learn something about a person – I have trouble doing that today. It seems people are always trying too hard to strike a pose now!

  3. i love old photos, especially of my grandmothers — they definitely ‘dressed’ with hats and gloves every day. Where did this bygone era go? I love Fall for all the hats and gloves!

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