my picks: tucker for target

I just had to pop in with this good news! If you've been reading Frolic! for any length of time, you know that Tucker is one of my favorite clothing lines to drool over. I didn't have any expectations for their Target line but was pleasantly surprised when I popped over there yesterday to check it out. I am happy to report that the fabrics are a lovely quality with super gorgeous prints. A lot of you ask for me to post more inexpensive clothing options, so here you go! What I loved:

Floral Dress

Navy Floral Camisole

Diamond Print Dress

Dotted Blouse

Herringbone Skirt

Everything looks much better in person than it does online. Have fun!


  1. Oh, I’m so glad to hear that! It’s about time they have a GOOD collaboration! I’ve been so disappointed with all the fabric for the previous collaborations. I’ll have to stop by soon to see everything in person.

  2. My Target had a lot in stock this weekend and I thought the quality and design was great – if I wasn’t 38+ weeks pregnant, I would have been buying!

  3. Not every piece is great but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality for Target and for the price and it was certainly better than the Liberty collab. I would love to see these designers do something middle of the road instead of such extremes: high end and low end.

  4. I was in Target over the weekend and wound up with the Tucker herringbone trench. I love it — the flowery lining is so fun and it’s the perfect early fall jacket. Agreed — way better execution (for women) than the Liberty line.

  5. Glad to hear you say that it looks better in person – compared to the ad, the site’s pictures are horrible! I will have to check them out in person.

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