mt. adams backpacking trip

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Just a few snapshots from my backpacking trip to Mt. Adams last weekend. I went with my dad and brother who are serious backpackers (they hiked the A.T. for 4 months a few years back). We cooked on tuna fish can stoves and slept under tarps! Mt. Adams was gorgeous! While some areas were dry and rugged, there were also fields of wild lupine and asters, bubbling brooks, mossy rocks, and an enchanting lake. I am not ready to let go of summer quite yet.

Photos taken with my disposable camera. 


  1. “I am not ready to let go of summer quite yet.”

    neither am i!! beautiful photos. i so want to go camping or at least canoeing one time before it gets too cold.

  2. This just goes to show that good photographs have a lot to do with the person taking the photo and not just the camera. Love them.

  3. beautiful chelsea, i can not wait to hike out west in october! love how lite you guys carry your pack clearly the Appalachian trail experience!

  4. That looks like so much fun! Andy and I are heading up to the Berkshire mountains next week, although we’ll be staying at a hotel. 🙂 I love that you took those photos with a disposable camera!!

  5. Film is not dead!

    Looks like an amazing hike. Your dad & brother are intense!

    I’m also hoping for some camping in the near future. I wish there were mountains nearby, but I’ll make do with a lake. 🙂

  6. i am obsessing over the third image. also i’ve been working on mas to take a month off to hike the a.t. for my 30th. i think i’m wearing him down.

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