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Megan 2
Megan 3

Megan McIsaac is one of my favorite Portland talents. I feel like she really captures the culture of this city. She is currently part of a show about woman Flickr photographers. Check it out on the 3rd floor of Powell's Books all this month. 


  1. so funny, I just saw the “Dee, Dee You’re Stuck on a Star” exhibit yesterday. I thought it was wonderful to see so many pictures of women, by women. So often photos of women are instantly categorized as ‘sexual objectification’ – and this exhibit captures perfectly the way that a woman can be beautiful, sexy (and even nude) but not a powerless object.

  2. Chelsea – her work is amazing; thank you so much for sharing! Do you know if her black and whites were all done with a medium format camera?

    I’m definitely going to check out the show at Powell’s – I’m in the mood for some inspiration!

  3. oh chelsea, i just caught myself up on your blog and came across this! youre such a sweetheart, thank you so much, it means more than you would think.

    in response to ronit, i did use my mamiya c330 for both of these shots/most everything you see on my blog/website. i no longer own a digital camera, either.

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