grass doe

Egg saurkrauten


Yesterday on Twitter, Jane Flanagan mentioned Maine photographer, Jonathan Levitt. Since then, I've been lost in his beautiful, provocative images of rural life.

Trancine and her pet dead rooster

Design within reach

Pay attention to the photo names. This one was called "Design Within Reach".  I love that.

If you are sensitive about animals, you may not want to click too far.


  1. I have been a fan of Grass Doe for several years now and was introduced to it through the website Abby Try Again. I LOVE the world Levitt creates (and lives in). Whenever I need inspiration, I know I’ll find it on his website.

  2. i have been a fan for a while, they are incredible- so raw and beautiful. he just took one the other day of a girl in the water, the reflection is a masterpiece!

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