grace’s 101st birthday!

Birthday-balloons Birthday-party
Birthday 101  
Just a few details from this year's party for Grace, my grandma. My cousin Julianne (also a flower girl!) held the party in her cute little backyard garden and she and my aunt decorated with balloons, homemade cupcakes, and flowered tablecloths. We ate hot dogs and potato salad for lunch because that's my grandma's favorite kind of food! 


One of my favorite details was the old photo display. Featured were photos from Grace's childhood she spent on a farm in Alberta (with horses and buggies!), her beauty school days in Seattle, her wedding, her days as a mom (and caretaker), and her more recent years walking in races and volunteering for Hilary Clinton's campaign. (Sorry, this is grandma brag time!)

My grandma is seriously adorable, feisty and incredibly inspiring and that's why she's a regular feature here! See her 98th, 99th, and 100th birthday parties. Happy Birthday, Grace!


  1. She looks absolutely wonderful. We should all be so lucky as to be as vibrant at 101… or even in our thirties!! So sweet, Chelsea.

  2. I love that you have this incredible, inspirational woman in your life. I lost all my grandparents when I was quite young and loved them so so much. I only wish I’d been able to know them as a grown-up.

    I love this tradition and look forward to this post every year.

  3. Whenever you mention Grace, I always think that she and my grandma, OJ (short for Olive Jean) would get along splendidly. Even though OJ is a spring chicken at 91 1/2. Happy birthday to her!

  4. I’ve enjoyed every one of your Grace birthday posts, and am truly happy to see her looking so lively. When I got to the last photo in this post I actually said out loud, “What a beautiful woman!” Happy 101st Birthday to a fabulous gal!

  5. Your grandma is awesome! love her in those glasses and she is soooooo very happy! she does not, i repeat does not look 101!!
    how awesome is that, 101 years!!!

  6. Hot dog, happy birthday to your gorgeous grandmother! Thanks so much for sharing with us–I so enjoy these posts and hope I too can be that feisty and beautiful as I move through the years.

  7. i LOVE it! what a pretty party, i love that she loves hot dogs 🙂 and yeah, don’t apologize for bragging, grace sounds so amazing–and is so pretty and obviously still full of life! that’s something to celebrate.

  8. Amazing woman, happy birthday to your lovely Grandma! What a beautiful party, I bet she loved every minute of it. Inspiration to us all I think!!

  9. WOW! Your grandma looked absolutely darling! She must be such an inspiration and joy to the family. And i like how hot dogs and potato salad are her favorite kind of foods!

  10. Wow!!

    Your grandma looks so beautiful and happy! Definitely an inspiration for all of us.

    And what a lovely party it must have been!

  11. Wow, she looks amazing!! Happy B-day to your beautiful 101 years old Grace!!!
    p.s. I can’t believe it, she really doesn’t look her age.. Love the pictures idea 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments. Grace reads Frolic! each week when my Aunt helps her get on the computer. So, she’ll be reading them shortly. I will ask her if she wants to guest post, as some of you suggested:)


  13. Fabulous! You have every right to brag about her, she sounds like one very amazing woman! She is lucky to be appreciated and you have to soak up as much history from her as you can, and pass her stories down to your own family!

  14. Oh, you are so lucky, Chelsea, to have such an amazing grandmother! Mine is 97, but sadly has been battling dementia for many years. I miss having an amazing older woman to listen to and be inspired by.

  15. Your grandmother is stunning, her eyes are so beautiful, kind and full of life! She is a true inspiration and remind me of my own lovely grandmother who is a treasure in my life. I love your blog, and my top favorite posts are of your grandmother:) I hope to see a lot more of her! Happy Birthday Grace! You make me happy:)

  16. It’s amazing to have a woman in your life like that, isn’t it? My great-grandmother lived until she was 99 and I loved hearing her stories about doing the Charleston and traveling the world. It looked like a fun party – especially the cupcake tower!

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