gathered bouquets + vintage dresses


I am on a one-woman campaign to start a short dress/big bouquet wedding trend. I think the combination is killer. You can see more inspiration for this concept here + here Check out the full story, and instructions on how to make a tied, cascading bouquet, over at Project Wedding.

A huge thank you to Cori Kindred for modeling (and helping me haul things around, and doing her amazing hair + makeup). Cori also brought along that awesome blue vintage dress. Aren't the sleeves lovely? 

The white dress is new but made from recycled fabrics. It's by Nick Campagne and available at Keep 'Em Flying Vintage in Portland.

Photos and story by Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding.


  1. dude (sorry – i had to for this:) i’m sooo for your short wedding dress campaign. every time i see a bride in a short wedding dress, or a short dress that would be nice for a wedding, i think, why didn’t i wear that?!? or why don’t more brides wear that?!? BUT if it’s short – it has to be very, very chic (imo). think chanel…and the shoes have to be just as fitting – after all, they become a focal point when the dress is short.

  2. I’m dying over that blue dress. I nearly cried when I read it’s vintage!

    This shoot is amazing. And the bouquets are perfection. And yes, if I ever get married (which I won’t) I’ll wear a short wedding dress.

  3. I love this idea and I totally disagree with Erica. I love that some people, including myself are looking for a wedding that is simple and sustainable and won’t send us into debt. These dresses are beautiful. Love it.

  4. I love this dress! I am already married but I want it! So pretty and so simple, which makes it even prettier! Love!

  5. I agree for a dressy wedding fancy shoes and dress would be awesome. This shoot was supposed to be for a more casual wedding and I think these dresses + shoes work for the concept. My budgets for these stories are minuscule! That’s the fun (+ challenging) part. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

  6. count me in! this is totally lovely, and i love the idea of shorter/non-white wedding dresses. you always do such a great job with these shoots, chelsea. it’s just gorgeous.

  7. What a beautiful shoot, Chelsea!
    Love it all-esp. the model ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wore a short dress (cocktail black 50’s dress with antique white lace overlay) and had a big bouquet of hydrangeas, chocolate cosmos and coxcomb. I loved it! (Except my shoes were gross and clunky-my only regret)
    I am totally for the idea of having a sustainable, affordable and beautiful wedding (and life ๐Ÿ™‚
    Bravo on this shoot and concept.

  8. That blue dress is so gorgeous…that white bouquet is also super dreamy…that style of bouquet is my favorite…i dont know why i didnt have one for mine…i so wish i could have another…

  9. Those dresses are so pretty — and the shots are beautiful!

    I wore a long dress (a reproduction 30s sheath) for my wedding almost ten years ago. I recently had it tailored into a tunic so I can wear it with skinny jeans. I’m loving wearing it again!

  10. Oh, I so love that! If I could have my wedding again, I go for “short dress + big bouquet” combination! And I love the white dress…

  11. This morning I decided that when the day comes, I will wear a short dress and BLACK TIGHTS! Oh my heavens, the scandal. But that’s what I like. These pictures are beautiful! They make me want to make flower crowns.

  12. short dress brides unite! i wore a tea length vintage dress and loved every minute of it. too bad i didn’t have that GORGEOUS white and yellow bouquet… :]

  13. So so beautiful this idea short dress/big (WILD) bouquet. And that blue dress is ohhhhhhh! Definitely get married like this. But then again I should need to get married many times to use all the amazing ideas you post on your blog!
    Funnily enough, yesterday I was thinking about going to Rosendals Trรคdgรฅrd (I live in Sweden) as I love it and haven’t been there for ages. Then I saw your post about that same fantastic place! I really have to go there now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. i love the idea of short dresses and think they’re much better for dancing. the white one is so pretty and of course i love the bouquets. wedding week sounds great by the way.

  15. Too bad you have to be getting married to wear this great combo….I would love to dress like this for special occasions, bouquet, as accessory,included.

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