Although I've got a weekend of work ahead of me, I am in a happy Friday mood thanks to the miraculous sunshine!!! Is it sunny where you are? What fun summer things will you be doing this weekend? I hope it's lovely for you! Talk to you Monday!

Photo from my Flickr.


  1. Oh, I’ll be with you on the working (we both need a holiday!) and we’re expecting hot thunderstorms here tomorrow. But I’m hoping to do some browsing nevertheless.

    Hope you have some lovely moments and are not too too bogged down with work!

  2. We will be going to the “Touch-a-Truck” event tomorrow where they bring out helicopters, fire trucks, tractors, etc. for kids to climb through. My husband likes sitting in the military vehicles, my girls just like sitting in the UPS truck and the school buses. We’ll probably hit up the farmer’s market as well to get me some apricots!

  3. What a beautiful picture. It is sunny here as well, we even took a trip to idyllic Mayberry today (aka Mt. Airy NC) and will hopefully continue the happy, uncomplicated life feeling for the rest of the weekend!

  4. You have an absolutely beautiful blog & wonderful photography skills. I posted a few of your photos on my blog crediting you ofcourse! I hope you don’t mind 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. What a wonderful picture! It reminds me of my childhood summers in the South of Sweden. So gorgeous.
    Thanks for bringing them back to me. Big smiles all the way from Sydney.
    xx Charlotta

  6. good luck with your work
    – i continue to enjoy the photos you share on your flickr!
    always so much light and color, your style is one of my favorites to follow


  7. girl, you need to come to georgia for a visit! all the gals i know list your blog as one of their favorites 🙂 you’d be a rockstar down here!

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