I am thrilled for a sunny forecast this weekend! Lately I've been reviewing my priorities. It's easy for me to get caught up with work but I really want to spend more time enjoying good food, being around friends and family, creating a comfortable home, and being creative just because–all aspirations aside.  I have just a few links to share with you:

My favorite destination.

A Frolic! reader created a lovely poster to help with the devastating oil spill. Check it out here.

-I think Nikole might be the most inspiring girl on the Internet right now. I am head over heels for her home tour. Her styling inspires me to live a simple life.

What are you all up to this weekend? I am off on a mini road trip to go visit my grandma (nearly 101 now!) and will hopefully fit in hiking and beach time tomorrow! What are you up to? Have a perfect weekend my friends!

Photo via  Campur-– love this site!


  1. have a wonderfully fun weekend with your grandma, wow almost 101! that is truly awesome, just think of what her life has been like!!
    i am gardening, hanging out with friends and hoping to see my man!

  2. chelsea, thank you! that means so much coming from you, truly.

    i can’t wait to share a delicious meal in november. looking forward to that so much!

    and happy birthday to your grandmother, wow, 101. amazing.

  3. That looks so good! We tried to take advantage of every second of the good weather this weekend. Fire Island was a true highlight for us, though walking the Hudson at sunset was a close second. Hope the weather is treating you well out west!


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