music pick: alessi’s ark


I lost all my itunes music during my computer meltdown so I've been treating myself to some new music (I was growing weary of the old tunes anyways). I downloaded this album by Alessi's Ark and really love it. Plus, how cool is the photo booth picture with the horse?


  1. I’m sure you know this but you can email iTunes to obtain all the music you’ve purchased. My computer crashed last year and after I emailed them pathetically asking what I should do they emailed me back instructions. I was able to download 4 years worth of downloads. Good luck!

  2. thank you, i had not heard her before and now i can not get enough it so lovely to listen to her in the night time sky at the farm.

  3. Yeah for this posting! I’m a HUGE laura marling fan… (obviously not that big since i haven’t purchased anything new since i was in london in 08!)…none-the-less… I needed some new tunes too and this is perfect! If you do not own Alas I Cannot Swim, you simply must!


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