elvira madigan

Elvira madigan 6 

Have you seen the film, Elvira Madigan? I randomly remembered it last night. It's this tragic Swedish movie loosely based on a true story about a circus girl who runs away with a soldier. Basically most of the film involves them romping through meadows, fishing in a row boat, and having picnics to the music of Mozart (concerto # 21–so good!). 

Elvira madigan
I have a much lower tolerance for tragic movies now but I rewatched parts of it last night and it really is a gorgeous film. It reminds me a little of another Swedish film, Summer with Monika. Also a very pretty film (with cute outfits!).

P.S. It's got "Ginny Branch" written all over it. Hoping she'll include it in one of her movie reviews!


  1. this looks so good chelsea! it is right up my alley!!! the tragic part already makes my heart hurt though…

  2. and a quirky detail (for you who adore rosendal’s garden) is that thommy berggren who plays the soldier is married to monika ahlberg, the woman who put the rosendal’s garden café on the map a kind of pioneer for that type of styled cafés and type of cooking/baking/writing cookbooks. 🙂

  3. these look beautiful! i watched tess the other day because i always felt that movie turned me into an anglophile. it was good (so tragic), but there must have been more than that movie, although i’m thinking lots of masterpiece theater and laura ashley should be thrown into the mix. have you seen ‘everlasting moments’ from sweden? i think you would enjoy it.

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