disposable cameras


For a fun, low-maintenance film camera, I adore the disposable! I think I'll buy a stash of them for the coming months, though I'll just be hanging around Oregon.


Photos from my Flickr.


  1. Honora…but the disposables that are in South Africa…they are of less quality but the pictures come out amazingly!

    I love yours too, Chelsea!

  2. stop miss chelsea!!!! i was just wondering if these were any good still! i’ve been immersed in the wedding industry, and i remember when disposable cameras were all the craze(like on tables for the guests to play around with).

    i am gonna give this a shot-thank you!

  3. I can’t believe those are all from a disposable! very nice. I have taken a few bicycle trips where the only cameras were disposables that were sent home to my mom (I was biking with dad). She would develop and see glimpses of our days.

  4. Hey Honora!

    These are from a Kodak one. I think that’s the only kind of ever used but I know fuji has some too. Can’t wait to see your photos!

  5. You know what I love? finding an old disposal camera with shots on it or an old roll of film you haven’t developed. It’s such a mystery!

  6. oh my these are gorgeous! I love bringing a disposi to events because if I lose it, i only have the deal with the disappointment of the lost memories. {also great for the beach. Sand in an auto-lens is the wooorst!}

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