concert: she + him and band of horses


I had a marvelous weekend bicycling,  picnicking, reading, and lounging in Sunriver. Sunday night I attended the She and Him and Band of Horses concert in Bend. I usually steer clear of large venues  but the amphitheater in Bend is set by the river and surprisingly cozy.

I was pleased to discover that Zooey Deschanel has a lovely voice that holds up to the recordings. And, yes, she looked adorable as can be in a blue, smocked, short, floral dress with a ruffle. I was standing on my tippy toes trying to see the shoes. I would have loved to hear more singing from M.Ward, but I did develop quite the crush just watching him on stage. He's gorgeous and mysterious! Their performance, while not all that emotionally engaging, was very entertaining and inspired me to get reacquainted with M. Ward's solo work.

I might be outing myself as a groupie, but this was my third time watching Band of Horses. Ben Bridwell, the lead singer is a crazy, hyper, lumberjack-type and I adore watching and listening to him, even though he scares me just a little bit. The whole band is pretty amazing to see live.

I recommend shows with either of these groups but certainly check out M. Ward too, if you don't already know his music.

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  1. We totally share the same taste in music. Would love to see Band of Horses one of these days. And I’ve seen She & Him a few times, felt the same. Not a particularly captivating performance, and wish M.Ward had a larger presence. But she is adorable, and her voice is beautiful…

    Sounds like a weekend from heaven.

  2. sounds like so much fun! thanks for posting this — reminded me to look into when I can catch She & Him this summer (I’m forever bad at planning ahead with concert tickets). I think I’m going to go one of the Maine shows!

  3. i saw she and him too in oakland!! and i got to meet zooey after!! 🙂 she was sweet and liked my dress which basically made me die.

  4. I’m so jealous. I attempted see them here in Austin at SXSW, but the weekend went from sunny and perfect to rainy and 34 degrees. Apparently, Zooey was shivering the whole time. And, I agree about M. Ward.

  5. sooo glad to hear that it was a fun concert! my husband and i are going to hear them at the atlanta botanical gardens in july. but band of horses ain’t involved.

    fun summery goodness!

  6. saw m ward at the MFA almost 7 years ago and he was positively electric.

    what a fun lineup, band of horses and she + him!

  7. I love Matt Ward. Little known fact, he is actually the reason I love She and Him. 🙂 My husband and I were supposed to go see them for our anniversary next week, but tickets sold out too fast. It’s a smallish venue in Cleveland, OH. Anyway, I often think that if I were Zooey, and making music with Matt, I would probably fall madly and deeply in love. haha

  8. I’d love to have been there! And I agree – M. Ward is amazing. I saw him play once at a tiny venue (basically a garage in an alleyway) in SLC. He was opening for Rilo Kiley, who joined in on his final song. So fun!

  9. Sounds a lot like my weekend. I even saw the free She & Him concert in downtown Chicago yesterday, while picnicking and then road home on my bike 🙂 Band of horses did not play at my show, unfortunately.

  10. love band of horses! They are so great live. You described them perfectly! The husband and I are going to LA to see the Swell Season and She & Him are opening. I’m a big M Ward fan so I am very much looking forward to the show.

    Side note – do you have any fourth of july table setting / flowers that you can share? I’m having a burger bar BBQ and a dessert cook off and would love something fun to decorate the table with.


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