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Delight by design 1st dibs

For the last 24 hours, I've been on an intensive sofa search; weighing the costs of buying used and recovering or buying brand new. Most recently, I've been drawn to very slouchy couches piled high with pillows. If I go the slouchy route, I definitely want it to look slightly bohemian and not shabby chic. The lovely Blair from Delight by Design posted this photo from 1st Dibs today and I love it. The color scheme also happens to be similar to what I will be attempting for my living room.


  1. I can only tell you about our experience. We had the big, new overstuffed, slouchy couch. It worked in our apt but when we moved it didn’t work at all. Also, after a year on the slouchy couch, it started to get a bit too slouchy…and we got back aches. Long story short, we ended up ditching the slouchy for a used classic piece with a good frame and good support. The cost for everything…fabric…down pillows, etc. is about 1/2 the cost of a brand new couch. It’s being reupholstered as I type. I thought it would be helpful for you to hear at least on person’s experience with slouchy. Good luck withe the decision.

  2. Thanks so much. I think you have a really good point there! I have had problems with slouchy counes in the past, come to think of it. Thanks!

  3. Good luck! I agonized over my couch when I got it (it was also the most money I had ever spent on anything that wasn’t a flight!)

    Take your time and do lots of comfort tests!!

  4. that room looks so cozy, esp. the cat pillows!

    when my husband and i were couch shopping a while back i really wanted to buy an old one and have it re-covered. but i don’t think i was down with spending forever trying to find the perfect frame (and it would be forever, i’m sure!) so we ended up buying new but were able to customize it, which was fun. either way, you could totally make some killer pillows to boho-it up. 🙂

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