1. I blogged today about my definition of restful interiors; This photo, to me, is the definition of restful exteriors. One the makes you want to pause for a moment and take a break!! I want my morning coffee at that table!!

  2. I L O V E T H I S !!! Please tell me how I can find the original picture – I went to UK Country Living??? But I can’t locate this image. I want to renovate and this is what I want it to LOOK LIKE!!! YES, YES, Yes.

    Thank you, Mary

  3. I like the tall lilies too. I wouldn’t mind a big field of those beauties, especially around this stone farmhouse. Love it!

  4. Dill!! My Swedish heart is leaping!
    Love this decorative and modest little herb that we adore so much in my motherland. I think it rocks in vases as well as sprinkled over salmon, new potatoes or generally just with most foods.

    A country house like this (including the fab industrial chairs) is in my dreams!

    x Charlotta

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