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J crew journal 2  Jcrew 1

I love this little travel journal a stylist at J.Crew put together from one of their shoots. I've been meaning to do this with all my Polaroids from Sweden and Greece. But, if my other two trips to Europe are any indication, it will be half way done in 12 years or never even started.


  1. This travel journal is so pretty and delicate. I know I don’t display my photos from vacations in such an artful way, but I have to at least do -something- with them right away–I’m usually so excited to see them, I can’t wait!

  2. this is a lovely idea, but i am more like you- i was very good for my first big trip, got halfway through my Turkey album, and have “been meaning to work on that” for every trip since 🙂
    good luck to us both!

  3. What a pretty idea and in the digital era, it’s a reason to print out special photos instead of just keeping them on the laptop 🙂

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