creating your wedding concept

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One of my favorite wedding planners, Beth Helmstetter was kind enough to share some tips about creating a wedding concept. I've put them all together in an article for Project Wedding with photos by the wonderful Jonathan Canlas (from a wedding he and Beth worked on together). 

Beth's ideas are completely refreshing! Beth tells couples to: Break the rules, add the comforts of home, and let your guests follow your lead when it comes to the vibe of your wedding celebration. Head over to Project Wedding to check it out.

P.S. Here's an article I wrote about hiring a florist for your wedding.

Photos by Jonathan Canlas.


  1. Thanks for the link – currently working on a wedding in the Scottish highlands. The bride will arrive by landrover, the couple will tie the knot on top of the hill..the dinner will be in a bothy (in the wilderness)…
    the ceilidh celebrations in a tent…. overnight camping nearby is welcome – nothing about this wedding is conventional – except a few traditional Scottish touches of course ! – So excited 🙂

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