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Field house 34 
Blackbird fieldhouse 

When I was in Seattle a few weeks ago I had the chance to visit Field House (recommended to me by the lovely Jen McCabe), a super fun general store in the Ballard neighborhood. It's stocked with utilitarian-inspired clothing, food, dry goods, tools, and the shop periodically hosts classes on everything from gardening to raising chickens. 

Field house10

I love how the general store concept is becoming popular again. If I were to open a shop in Portland (which I have no interest in doing) I would open a general store.  

The owners also run two shops around the corner from Field House, Blackbird Clothing + Blackbird Candy Shoppe.

Photos by Jen McCabe.


  1. I live in Seattle and I love this store! A bit pricey, but super fun to wander through and get ideas and admire. They’ve also started doing informal classes and things, like how to churn your own butter or how to mix a Depression-era cocktail, of all things–I love how much creativity the owners put into it all.

  2. I blogged about those stores too. My hubby loves Blackbird and I heart Horseshoe and the Field House plus Velouria 🙂 Ballard has really changed for the better here in Seattle.

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