diy: wild lilac bouquet

Korean lilac wedding bouquetLilac wedding bouquet diy
Lilac wedding bouquetLilac bouquet 1  
For this project, I imagined a wild, textured, musky bouquet that you could sink your nose into. I used five varieties of lilac. My favorite (top left) is Korean Lilac (a similar variety is called "Tinkerbelle"). I recommend asking your florist or market for it. The flowers are tiny and the fragrance is super sweet. I can't get enough of them. See full DIY over at Project Wedding.



  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Chelsea, and that last photo is itself stunning to boot. If I could do my wedding over (and I wish I could) this would be my bouquet. Amazing.

  2. i’m pretty sure lilacs are my favorite smell in the world. mine are just about to bloom, can’t wait! this is a beautiful bouquet 🙂

  3. Another absolutely beautiful project…I love it! If I had a smidge of a bigger yard, I’d love a lilac bush. I may need to try to make one work!

  4. I love this idea. For my wedding bouquet, my mom and I popped into a flower shop the morning of, grabbed some pretty blossoms (white stock), and wrapped a ribbon around them. The woman working there looked at us like we had two heads. 🙂 I still love my bouquet.

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