an abundance of simple things

I am smitten with this week's post entitled, More is More, from Rita Konig at the Times blog. It reminded me of another article I read a few years back in Body and Soul Magazine (January 2008, pg 107 by Terri Trespicio). Here are two quotes:

The secret to abundance [they told us], lies in striking a balance between not enough and way too much- and getting what you want in life while cultivating contentment for what you already have. 

Find one thing (within your budget) that tastes, feels, and smells like abundance to you. 


Lately, I've used this last quote to justify splurging on little things like expensive cleaning supplies, bundles of flowers, and fresh organic food. I figure I'd rather give up the big stuff right now, and splurge on the necessities of life, to make everyday a little richer.

Photos by me. Taken at the Swedish cottage.


  1. Definitely. This strikes a chord with me. I’ve been trying to make my everyday life richer with indulgences that really improve my life (i.e. my favorite tea, even though it is expensive and I used to feel guilty about buying it, fresh flowers every single week, because I enjoy them daily, simpler food with better, and often pricier, ingredients).

  2. I’ve recently been inspired by reading My Life in France and hearing of how Julia had little money but lived so abundently. It helps to be inspired when I have so little money right now. I love these photos.

  3. I agree – the little things we can do often make the most impact. A few well chosen blooms placed here and there can lift ones spirits and needn’t break the bank!

  4. agreed! i would much rather eat less of high quality food. hopefully the american dietary recommendation will reflect that someday, now that some measure of self awareness is gaining ground.

  5. i absolutely love this chelsea – thank you for sharing! and i totally agree – it’s those little things that can make us happy and that we deserve to ‘splurge’ on here and there! fresh flowers always do it for me 😉

  6. i lurve the flowers by the way…perhaps the reason why simple things are abundant it’s because those are the ones that last but are seldom appreciated..if we look at our lives that we perceive as not so nice, look back again and see those simple things..simple things that without them make ur world incomplete..a simple with ur family, or simply hanging our reading ur fave book.

  7. oh! my! gosh! i feel like there has been so much talk about abundance vs. scarcity crossing my eyes and ears lately and so much of it seems to be orders to just “stop being afraid, decide what you need, and figure out how to get it”, which sort of doesn’t resonate with me at all in its harshness. however, these quotes speak right to my heart (i’m writing them down) because they are assuring that whatever situation i find myself in financially, i can have abundance within my budget–and they acknowledge that abundance is not only money-related. thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. I almost bought scissor that looked just like that a few months ago. Hand made from Japan… awesome. they would have been the perfect splurge.

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