wedding diy: violas in french newspaper


In my new article for Project Wedding, I share one of my favorite flower ideas. Newspaper wrapped potted plants are a favorite trick from my flower shop days. The idea is still fresh, I think, and darling as a centerpiece and/or favor for a wedding or party.


I like to use Le Monde Diplomatique (usually found at big city newsstands or bookstores) for it's heavy weight, lovely sheen, and yes I am a cliché, for the romantic French words strewn across the pages. 


Perhaps the little pots could also serve as conversation starters! See full article here.

P.S. These make great hostess gifts!

Photos by me for Project Wedding. More photos here.


  1. How lovely! These would be great for any party, I think. I love the shade of purple and the simplicity of the newspaper. (And I’m totally cliché with you on the French charm!)

  2. so sweet! love the idea as favors that your friends can take as they leave. thanks for sharing which newspaper you love to use — not only are French words more romantic, but let’s face it, our papers tend to be filled with depressing news!

  3. Hey, Jen I actually had a friend who speaks fluent French check out the text on this! Some of it is not the best, but I guess as long as your guests don’t read French! Maybe try to use the art or wedding sections!:)

    And yes. Katherine, they make PERFECT hostess gifts and are so quick to whip up! Glad you enjoyed the idea!

  4. Oh, good – we were planning to do something similar with heavy brown paper and potted lavendar plants when we celebrate our marriage this summer (it’s either that or tiny bouquets of ranunculus on the tables), and I’m happy to see how cute this looks!

  5. chelsea! these are so lovely. i really want an excuse to use this idea. the bright purple is exactly what i need on this gray, dreary morning!

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