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I am so excited! Today I developed my first roll (actually second since the first time I had no idea that my camera needed a battery!) of film from my Pentax camera! I am just thrilled that a handful turned out. These photos were taken on my visit to Quince. Compare with the digitals here. More photos here.


  1. Some of my favourite photographs I’ve ever taken were shot with my k1000!

    You don’t really need the battery… only for the light meter… the rest is completely mechanical!

  2. these are so nice! i’ve been meaning to get out my old film camera. there’s just something about them to which digital can never compare.

  3. How do the pictures on the first roll look? I hope you didn’t pay an exorbitant amount for a battery.. I just put one of my hearing aid batteries in there, years and years ago, and I’ve not had to change it since. It’s been like 10 years, seriously.

  4. Hey Elizabeth,

    My camera was from Ebay and the battery was dead. I just paid $5 for a battery at the photo shop. I thought the light meter was broken and that’s why I brought it in in the first place. I also think (embarrassingly enough) that I loaded the film wrong the first time so there actually were no photos. It was blank!

  5. Lovely pictures. I was tempted to buy a Pentax K1000 on eBay, but instead I asked my mother-in-law to send me her old SLR (seems like every family had one in the ’80s). It’s a nice Minolta XG1; now I am waiting for new batteries to arrive in the mail.

  6. I’ve been using my Yashica without an exposure meter for 3 yrs until recently when I realised the batteries were just dead lol
    I thought it was broken!

    These are lovely shots, Chelsea. Beautiful tones. Hooray for film!

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