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Tamara muth king 1 

Back in the sixth grade, I wore soft-leather, lace-up boots as a nod to my two favorite heroines: Anne Shirley and Laura Ingalls. I wasn't exactly up on trends (as you may have guessed from my style icons) so I have no idea if the boots were actually a trend of 1989. Though, they are definitely a lovelier cousin to the popular combat boot of the time.

430-4301 430-4304 Lace up boot inspiration

Maybe it's my recent interest in 90's fashion but lately, I've been looking at these shoes in a fresh light. I was inspired to visit Lark yesterday when Jane posted an outfit in my honor over at Readymade (blushing with delight. it was so spot on! thank you, Jane!) and as it turns out, they've got a glorious collection of these boots that I am now coveting.

Photos: Tamara Muth-King (1,5) Lark (2-4).


  1. Oh I LOVE lace up boots. They were the only shoe I wore all throughout junior high/high school. I miss them I think you have inspired me to get a new pair 🙂

  2. they’re gorgeous and stylish (not matter decade), i’d love to have a proper pair of knee highs but alas due to athletic calfs i haven’t been able to find a decent pair. still seriously lust after them.

  3. Anne Shirley and Laura Ingalls were two of my favorite characters in fiction, too! I sewed a halloween costume for my daughter (fourth grade) so she could be Laura. My linen lace-up boots were copies of the ones written up in The J Peterman Company catalog: RACY. Brilliant Victorian idea: covering up womnen’s ankles so that men could keep their minds on other things (…useful things like building a better steam engine).

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