diy: make your own napkins

Make your own napkins

One of my favorite ways to make a table setting feel personal and original is to buy pretty fabric and make napkins. If you don't want to sew, an event company can take your fabric and make them for usually less than $1 a napkin. Full DIY is over at Project Wedding.

More DIY here.


  1. Cute fabric! I was just thinking about making some fabric napkins, as our collection is running low. I like the idea of having mix and match napkins in the same color family. Thanks for sharing!

  2. When my friend Elise got married she asked me to help her with some of the planning. She had fallen in love with some fabric and wanted to somehow use in the wedding. I decided on napkins and enlisted my mom to sew them…all 200! My poor mom…she didn’t want to see another napkin as long as she lived! But they sure looked great on the tables! 🙂

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