spring blossoms

2c_corriebond_665L Country style 9 

Last week was full of gorgeous spring days! Sadly the rain is back but I am so inspired by the bottom photo, I want to search out some apple blossom to make spring arrangements with the ranunculus I have lying about (tip: Tj's has 10 stem ranunculus bunches for $3.50 right now!).

1.Corrie Bond 2. Country Style.


  1. Oh no way! Thanks for the tip– I’ll have to go get a bunch to brighten up these rainy days! At least Thursday is supposed to be somewhat clear… And it’s First Thursday, hooray!

  2. Oh my, this is more than my poor heart can take… 🙂 Such amazing photos! I love the light and the flowers are so lovely!

  3. I am privileged to know the stylist of the first shoot, Lara Hutton. We worked together at Australian Home Beautiful magazine. She is a brilliant fashion / interiors / lifestyle stylist who often work with Corrie. Her work is at this agency:
    She has done so much gorgeous styling at Country Style magazine over the past couple years (including most of the fashion shoots) unfortunately her most recent work is not on the agency’s site as she had twins recently and is obviously super-busy with other things!!
    Here’s a pretty story of homewares photographed outdoors…




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