blogs of the week: 03.10.10


A few weeks ago, I was inspired by my blog friend, Ellie, to ditch my blogroll! Instead, I've opted to feature three blogs each week (ish). The list is made up of one long-time favorite and two newbies! Check out the bottom, left column for the updated links. This week's featured blogs are:

Sarah Berry. She's a London-based interior designer and nice as can be (she provided me with some major tips when I went on my Swedish adventure!) She recently started a blog and I simply adore her ideas and aesethic.

Hello Sandwich. I am delighted with this new-to-me blog. It's filled to the brim with darling little storefronts in Japan.

Let's Go Ride a Bike. This blog has been a favorite for a long time! These girls give you such realistic tips about riding your bike in the city, which bikes are best for your location, and on top of it all, they have fabulous ideas and inspiration about looking cute while you cycle around town!

Happy reading!


  1. Oh dear, I am going to miss your blog roll. I was still making my way through them all, and really enjoying it.

  2. Hey Gina, I still have the list. If you email me, I can send you the old blogroll:)!

    It was taking up too much space on the site and many of the links were outdated so I wanted to keep things fresh and current!

  3. What a great idea! I have just finished looking at Sarah Berry’s blog (very cute) & I look forward to ‘discovering’ the new ones. Thanks!


  4. I really love this idea…just may need to explore something like this! Excited to check out these blogs (and chances are I wouldn’t have checked them out in your blogroll just as that doesn’t stand out quite as much!). Marija

  5. What a lovely treat to see myself during my daily visit to my favorite blog! Thanks, Chelsea.

    These features are a great idea. I’ve already found so many inspiring blogs through frolic, and look forward to discovering many more.

  6. Thank you Chelsea! What a delightful surprise! I’m so touched and thankful for your support and sweet encouragement, thank you
    xo Sarah

  7. ooo thanks for the bike blog. I NEEEED to buy me a bikey (yes, I said bikey, that was the name of my old Huffy back in college, sniff sniff) sometime before Summer!

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