strawberry + sage

James merrell katy elliott

I am stuck with sage green walls (luckily, freshly painted!) in my new place. It would never be my first choice but I quite like it when paired with a strawberry color. There is quite a bit of inspiration for this color scheme over on Katy Elliott's blog which I am sure I will now be spending a lot more time on!

Photo via Katy Elliot. Originally by  James Merrell.


  1. Yes, it seems like a very nice and literally nature-inspired combination – green leaves & red berries, the skin & flesh of watermelons…

    Wishing you joy in your new place!

  2. I have sage green walls that I’m stuck with in a rental too. Actually…mine are seafoam green. I’ve made it work with some high gloss black accents. But I feel your pain.

  3. I definitely lived in a basement suite painted entirely in hospital green (on textured walls!) for about a year. I say hospital green because the landlady was a nurse, and I have a hunch she got it after her hospital was reno’ed…

    Difficult to make the room look as though it all pulled together, and a little hard on the eyes, but I got used to it.

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