claire danes 1990’s style

claire danes

Lately, I am loving fashion from the 1990's. I love the grunge/glamour looks, the menswear trends, the minimalism, and the tendency towards classic styles. Claire Danes was always a favorite for her effortless looks. She never appeared like she was trying too hard but always looked equally stunning in a tomboy get up or an ultra simple evening gown. More photos here + here.

Photo: ABC/Disney. Found here. 


  1. my 5 second brush with fame was sharing a drivers’ed class with claire danes. she was beautiful and very quiet. we shared a book. gigantic girl crush.

  2. I love Claire Danes’ style too! I have an old collection of magazine clippings of her outfits and haircuts from magazines that came out during my high school years.

  3. The best! I love Claire, and agree completely with your words about her style.

    And how can you mention Claire with mentioning Jordan Catalano? 🙂

  4. i’ve been having a claire danes week (i’ve been rewatching my so-called life, and i watched romeo + juliet last night) so your post came at the perfect time. her style is indeed fabulous (then, and even now.. in my opinion)

  5. i was in paris shopping and she came into the shop -i made my friend go into the communal dressing room to try stuff on with her just so we could hang around longer. i’ve always loved her look.

  6. I dunno, I think the ’90’s were a little too plain – almost like there wasn’t much imagination when it came to styles (but after the intense 80’s I understand). I’m really enjoying ruffles and all of the other girly details we have right now.

  7. Claire always looked so genuinely unique, classic, simple, and sophisticated! I didn’t know anyone could pull that off! Do you think she’ll auction off her old clothes someday? I love her simple dresses…

  8. Gosh, i used to wish i was her in her Angela Chase MSCL days.
    A little for how cool she always looked, but also for the fact she got to hang out with the dreamy Jordan Catalano…..

  9. Claire Danes *is* the 90’s for me in many ways, I still love her layered, plaid, big jumpers, big old boots and socks look of My So Called Life. So comfy and yet really feminine too.

    The look is definitely on the way back, the big boots and socks and leggings thing is very in right now and I’m starting to see oversized t-shirts too! Hurrah!

  10. That is one thing I’ve noticed also, my favorite fashion year to this date was 1997, especially for American designers. And Claire totally fit that look back then. I remember when I was 16 I really wanted her hair from “My So-Called Life”, so I got a bob cut and died it auburn, so 1990’s classic grunge.

  11. Claire Danes is starring in a movie portraying the life of Temple Grandin that is premiering on HBO this weekend. Temple Grandin is an amazing, inspiring individual with autism who is an inventor and a college professor. Watch Claire in what I believe will be her best role ever.

  12. I saw her in “Temple Grandin” a few weeks ago and remembered what a great actress she is. And I recall buying Ben Lee’s CD back in the day just because she was gushing over it.

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