children’s artwork as decor

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As someone who loves, playful childlike artwork anyways, I adore the idea of using kid's art to decorate the walls of a home. I think it looks colorful and modern. I also just love that it adds a personal touch to your home and makes kids feel like they've contributed to the process.

Photos: 1. The Selby via Rummey Bears. 2. Sixx Design. Disclaimer: The Sixx Design book was sent to me by the publishers. 


  1. My parents have kept a lot of my painting/drawings/sculptures from when I was a child and framed them. It’s a great thing to have in the living room!

  2. Love it!!! Also, along the same lines, check out where you can turn your kid’s artwork into a little masterpiece on canvas. Just like you said, besides it looking stunning and totally personalizing a home, it is a great way to encourage little artists’ creativity and boost their self-esteem. With many options ( colors, frames, borders, personal captions,…etc.) to choose from, it’s a unique gift idea for grandma or simply great pops of color for any room.

  3. I completely agree – nothing makes a home more ‘lived in’ and family-friendly than kids’ artwork. My son made a paper flower when he was two and it’s still tucked into our bedroom mirror 18 months later. Whenever he sees it he tells me he made it for me… so cute.

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