bright star valentine


I finally watched Bright Star a few days ago. The art direction was out of this world. One of the many details I loved were the handwritten letters. Don't get me started on the costumes.

Photo via The Anthropologist.


  1. I actually thought of you when I saw Fanny’s room – the simple whitewashed one with wood (er, what do you call it – I think it’s called tongue and groove) walls. That was a perfect room…

  2. Bright Star is next on my netflix queue – and I can’t wait to see it! I love period dramas, and I’m sure the costumes are amazing!

  3. I STILL need to see this movie. I love this handwritten letter. It’s sad we don’t perfect strange fancy handwriting anymore. I might just learn so I can write gorgeous letters like this.

  4. I think I remember Martha Stewart online having directions for a similar vintage-inspired valentine, if anyone is interested! I will have to double-check…

  5. The costumes on more than one occasion took my breath away. I found myself just staring at her on the TV and not listening to the dialogue anymore. Bought the movie on iTunes and plan to watch over and over again…

  6. jenfizz: i think it’s in one of the wedding issues of martha stewart. the one about darcy miller’s wedding. should be on her website.i’ll try to find a link.

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