1. I can’t wait to see your favorite reads – I love any chance to add new books to my to-read list…. even though it’s already miles & miles long.

  2. This is IT! The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery! I am 3/4 through the book and I only started reading it last Saturday. This book was on the NYTimes Best Sellers list. READ IT!

  3. I have a reading list and lately it hasn’t moved an inch! Haven’t got around to finish a current book for ages, too much distraction.

    Adding the icon on my blog, too. =)

  4. i love this…what a fantastic idea.

    I’m so old school (perhaps a closet luddite…) I LOVE real books…can’t imaging reading anything on a kindle.


  5. Love it! I will always embrace the printed word. Who needs a kindle when you can feel the weight of a book in your hand and smell its pages as you read?

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